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About us

The Theaterwerkstatt Hannover was founded in 1976 by graduates from the university of music and theatre in Hannover. Their own venue, that contains two changeable rooms, is part of the Culture and Communication Centre 'Raschplatz-Pavillon', situated in the heart of Hannover.
In addition to that the group goes on tour with their performances and they are also invited to national as well as international festivals. The theatre is mainly financed by the City of Hannover and the federal state of Lower Saxony.
The artistical management of The Theaterwerkstatt Hannover is since 2005 in the hands of Sabine Troetschel, Elke Cybulski and Matthias Alber. The group is enlarged with guestperformers. In the work the main focus lies in the three following areas:
The reworking of mythological and classical material, experimental productions of modern material, as well as ambitious productions for children and young people.

We seek human emotions, are searching for means and methods of making visible what plainly is the invisible. The creation itself of a scene should engender emotions.This is not dependent on intellect or on pure aesthetics, but on recognition, the glaring recognition that drama can arouse when it gets to the heart of the problem.
We want our theatre to be alive, a sensual theatre that the audience is able to experience.
Our theatre is created for people, and people are made of their emotions.

Theaterwerkstatt Hannover

You will find informations about our current productions in the repertoire, when you click on the title of the play you are interested in (some are already translated). If you like to see our productions on stage, please have a look at our programme [=spielplan].

Knowing that our website is not completely translated in english neiter in other languages, we invite our guests from all over the world not to hesitate to contact us directly:

phone: +49 (0) 511 - 34 41 04
fax: +49 (0) 511 - 31 46 58
email: theaterwerkstatthannover[at]t-online.de